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With previous storage vendors, performance got worse with each server added.


EdgeConneX increased IOPS by at least 2.5X, translating to higher productivity and reliability in serving clients.

When the company adds space to a virtual machine, they do it typically in half the time as before, benefitting from VM-centric, end-to-end visibility.

EdgeConneX pays 37% less per gigabyte than with the incumbent system, and adding performance is as easy as adding commodity flash to an existing server.


“Datrium solves the big problem of scaling performance. There is no forklift upgrade of array hardware involved. I simply buy commodity SSD drives and add them to my existing servers for more performance.”

“I’ve been looking at the market for a long time, and this is really the first storage system that feels like it’s built for an infrastructure-as-a-service provider like us.”

– Martin Skojec, Director of IT, EdgeConneX


Edge Data Centers by EdgeConneX host bandwidth-intensive and latency-sensitive data closer to end users, establishing a more secure, reliable and cost-effective distribution model for the Internet. Based in Virginia, EdgeConneX is the only global Edge Data Center® provider, creating purpose-built, edge-of-network infrastructure solutions that extend the Internet’s reach for clients.


Company Challenge

Lagging Performance with Each New Server

EdgeConneX relies on applications for security, monitoring, CRM, accounting and the phone systems as the backbone for running its business and delivering on its mission. Over the years, the company tried several storage options, including Lefthand, EMC, and more recently, Nimble Storage. With each vendor, however, performance degraded as EdgeConneX added servers to grow its business.



2.5X Faster IOPS While Reducing Storage Costs

Looking for a storage refresh, EdgeConneX found an attractive alternative in Datrium. “Datrium solves the big problem of scaling performance,” says Martin Skojec, Director of IT at EdgeConneX. “There is no forklift upgrade of array hardware involved. I simply buy commodity SSD drives and add them to my existing servers for more performance.”

When EdgeConneX compared Datrium’s performance to its incumbent system, it found Datrium delivered 2.5 times the IOPS – speed that end users have noticed and that translates to higher productivity and reliability in serving clients.

EdgeConneX also found with Datrium’s approach that shifting I/O processing and flash capacity to the host, away from its existing traditional arrays, contributed to higher performance and lower costs. Free to use any type of server and commodity SSD, EdgeConneX was able to leverage its existing servers and deploy far more flash on the same budget than it otherwise could with Nimble – an impressive 37 percent lower cost per gigabyte.

Simpler Management: “I Never Have To Touch Storage”

Before deploying Datrium, adding space to virtual machines (VMs) required evaluating the existing LUN to determine if space was available. Now, adding space to VMs takes just half the time and there’s no need to manage LUNs. Likewise, with servers all running VMware, EdgeConneX manages Datrium right in the vSphere ESXi Virtual Center for end-to-end visibility.

The Datrium DVX is presented as a single easy-to-use datastore available to all VMs. “Once the ESXi server is attached to the DVX, I never have to touch storage,” Skojec says. “The only time I ever look at storage is to see if it is performing – which it has been doing flawlessly. With that extra time, we can get more done for the business.”

Great Support: “We Couldn’t Be Happier”

On top of the trifecta of greater performance, simpler management and capacity for lower cost, EdgeConneX values the experience of working with the Datrium people, from sale to initial installation, through ongoing support.

“Service has been outstanding with Datrium,” Skojec adds. “The entire Datrium team is knowledgeable, responsive and communicates well. We couldn’t be happier.”