ESG Economic Validation of Cloud DVX

ESG Confirms Datrium Helps Shrink Cost & Data in AWS

“Datrium Cloud DVX, with always-on deduplication and forever incremental backups, shrinks the amount of data stored in AWS, and subsequently the cost…” –– Kerry Dolan, Senior IT Validation Analyst

Are you like our other customers who often feel like there’s an inevitable tradeoff between AWS costs and functional protection that’s reliable even as data grows? Well, you’re not alone so we partnered with the ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group) to conduct an economic analysis of the DVX cost advantages, just to be sure.  

Together, we crunched some serious numbers that show how an open-converged infrastructure is able to curb costs by avoiding deduplication. Here’s what ESG has to say:

In our economic analysis, we discuss:

  • All the tangible benefits of storing and retrieving less data
  • How DVX helps achieve the lowest possible AWS costs
  • The impacts (benefits!) of de-duplications

After browsing through this latest ESG analysis, you’ll see how DVX Cloud can get you there!