Los Lunas, NM

Village Eliminates Storage Management while Keeping its Blade Servers for a Lower TCO


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Lack of storage space held back the village despite upgrades throughout the rest of the infrastructure.


50% less capacity required

Zero storage management

999% uptime to support reliability goals

Lower acquisition costs with the ability to retain blade servers

Faster response times for critical applications

Setup in two hours


“When we saw the performance specs of Datrium, the capacity you get with built-in deduplication, and the fact that we could keep our blade servers, we were sold.”

– Martin Callahan, IT Manager


Company Challenge

Dragging Performance with Waning Storage Space

At more than 300 years old, the Village of Los Lunas, New Mexico may be among the oldest communities in the country. Yet, it has grown into a modern technology hub, with Facebook investing $1 billion to build a data center there.

Martin Callahan, IT Manager, has spent 17 years bringing technology to serve the employees and citizens of the village – while operating within the constraints of a small-town budget. For Callahan, reliability is goal #1.

In recent years, Los Lunas has made key investments to maximize efficiency and performance: Callahan brought in Cisco UCS blade servers, virtualized the server environment, and added a 10G network to keep workloads humming between primary and backup sites. But performance was still not up to par on some critical applications – likely due to waning space on the village’s EMC storage.



50% Less Capacity Required

Los Lunas’s technology partner, Ardham, suggested that Callahan look at Datrium’s tier 1 HCI-like approach with built-in backup. The IT Manager had recently been evaluating alternative storage solutions and was intrigued by the technology. With Open Convergence, Los Lunas could upgrade its storage while retaining its existing servers, reducing the cost of acquisition.

But could Datrium solve the city’s performance issues? A visit to an Albuquerque lab running Datrium quickly answered that question. “When we saw the performance specs of Datrium, the capacity you get with built-in deduplication, and the fact that we could keep our blade servers, we were sold,” Callahan said.  

When Datrium DVX arrived, Callahan and his team configured it on their own, and had it up and running for production workloads in about two hours. When an engineer from Datrium arrived, he simply double-checked the settings. “We are by no means storage experts,” Callahan said. “But we followed the instructions for setup and it just worked. I couldn’t believe the simplicity of setting up Datrium.”

With Datrium deduplication and compression, Los Lunas reduced its physical capacity needs– enabling the village to afford a second Datrium DVX for its backup site when it’s ready to upgrade. As for performance, Callahan doesn’t need to look at IOPs to know that applications run more quickly. Administrative personnel and the police department, which both run data-intensive applications, have noticed faster application speed and zero freezes.


“I couldn’t believe the simplicity of setting up Datrium.”

                                                                                    -Martin Callahan, IT Manager


No More Storage Management

Datrium transformed day-to-day management for the lean IT team – effectively cutting 100 percent of storage management time. In fact, Callahan hasn’t had to handle storage needs since deploying Datrium; the solution eliminates any need to manage LUNs or storage artifacts. From vSphere, he views analytics for both Datrium and his virtual environment.

“I can stand up a virtual server in minutes, and populate four or five servers throughout the network within about three minutes,” he said.


Reliable Uptime

Most importantly, Datrium’s throughput has kept the village’s servers humming without fail since day one. That reliability ensures that city offices can serve citizens without interruption. The police department, for example, can always access critical records in Microsoft SQL Server, manipulate files in Windows 10, and send messages via Microsoft Exchange.

“My servers have been running nonstop for 233 days,” he said. “That’s a testament to the combination of Datrium, my blade servers and VMware.”


About Los Lunas

The Village of Los Lunas, New Mexico, is home to more than 15,000 residents. Located 22 miles south of Albuquerque, along the scenic Rio Grande, the village has a rich and colorful history, dating back to 1716.