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Osprey Packs Generates a Mountain Of Orders, Speeds Revenue with Datrium. Backpack Leader Enhances Customer Experience while Gaining 3X the Capacity.


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Screen freezes and lags affected productivity from sales to distribution teams, yet upgrading storage was not originally in the budget.


Faster orders, faster revenue, happier customers

3X the capacity of other solutions with room to grow

1/6 the latency

90% less storage admin time

95% less space

“Screens are now waiting for users, instead of the other way around. When sales, fulfillment, and customer service users hit enter, the system responds immediately.”

– Darin Bennett, Sr. Systems Engineer



Company Challenge

Latency throughout the Sales-Fulfillment Cycle

For more than 40 years, Osprey Packs has helped outdoor enthusiasts and travelers carry their loads more easily. Yet managing its own unpredictable data load has not always been such a breeze.

In recent years, the company has virtualized nearly all its servers. As it doubled the number of clients, key applications began lagging on the company’s EMC storage – especially mission-critical Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

“When sales people were live on the phone with retailers and entering orders into Dynamics, the screen would freeze,” Bennett said. “What should have been a 2-3-minute call could take 15 minutes and put the orders at risk.”

Further down the supply chain, pickers and packers experienced slow printing, a problem that snowballed through the steps to get packages out to customers.

With an upcoming move to a new corporate headquarters – in Cortez, CO – Bennett had planned a server upgrade. Ideally, he’d swap the storage too, but wasn’t sure it was in the budget.



Triple the Capacity for the Money

Exploring the market, Bennett found few options sized for an operation like Osprey. Hyperconverged solutions seemed out of reach considering licensing, upgrades and maintenance costs.

Then Bennett came across Datrium’s Tier 1 HCI platform at VMworld. Datrium DVX works in combination with any server and server-based solid-state disk (SSD), and caches all VM data on the host, keeping it local and reducing latency. Datrium, likewise, would help Osprey stay within its budget for the project and deliver triple the capacity of other solutions with DVX always-on data reduction technologies.

“For any variation of business with our kind of staffing and architecture, it’s a plug and play option that’s really, really pretty,” Bennett said.


A Better Customer Experience

Bennett installed Datrium DVX at the Cortez data center in under a couple of hours. Instead of nine Dell PowerEdge servers, they now run with just three, making their small server room much less crowded and able to operate cooler. By going to solid state, they consolidated a full rack of equipment into just 2U (3.5”) of rack space.

From the start, Osprey began running in Datrium’s Insane Mode. While employees didn’t know specifically about the upgrade, they did notice the boost in speed. The same goes for printing, making for a faster sales-to-fulfillment process and smoother customer experience. “Screens are now waiting for users, instead of the other way around,” Bennett said. “When they hit enter, it responds immediately.”


Once Datrium software is installed on the host, it’s gold. That has cut down time and hassle for my team, noticeably – by a factor of 10.

-Darin Bennett, Sr. Systems Engineer

Slashing Storage Management by 90%

With Datrium DVX, Bennett and the team eliminated the need to create LUNs or other storage artifacts, and switched to managing storage in a single browser window in vCenter. Also a win for Bennett was the ease of provisioning storage, which previously took multiple steps. “Once Datrium software is installed on the host, it’s gold,” Bennett said. “That has cut down time and hassle for my team, noticeably – by a factor of 10.” Even when creating a non-templated VM, Bennett can build it in about one-sixth the time of before.

Datrium sales and support engineers likewise have kept the Osprey team productive. From the sales experience to ongoing support, they have proven to be knowledgeable and responsive. When Bennett experienced a driver error on one of his servers, Datrium’s support team helped diagnose it and get it running again without any impact to the business.


Ready for Growth — Whatever the Load

Osprey gained all the space it needs to accommodate unpredictable growth – without having to go back to management regularly with requests for more budget. On top of increasing available capacity for their applications, the company gained flash array-like performance and upgraded its network to 10G for less than the cost of traditional HCI. With Datrium, Osprey takes data capacity challenges off the table, and instead focuses on designing its packs with optimal performance and capacity.

“Datrium reversed the paradigm for me,” Bennett said. “Before, I would buy as much storage as I could afford and then find a way to reduce the load. Now, I have all the capacity I need and can put the remaining dollars and time against solving other problems. The bang for the buck was also much easier to justify when I sat down with my leadership.”


About Osprey Packs

Independent since 1974, Osprey Packs is the global leader in exceptional, high-performing, innovative packs for outdoor, cycling, travel and urban adventures. Osprey’s dedication to create innovative, high-performance gear reflects the brand’s love of adventure and devotion to the outdoors. The company employs approximately 200 people across locations in Cortez, CO, Ogden, UT and Vietnam.


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