Tec-Refresh Doubles Application Performance, Reduces Client Costs by 50%, and Gains a New Revenue Stream with Datrium


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In seeking a storage solution for its own operations and clients, Tec-Refresh found too many tradeoffs between capacity, performance and cost.


2X the performance of the previous storage solution

4.8x data reduction (1.74x dedupe, 2.75x compression)

Admin time spent on storage tasks down to zero

50% savings over 3-5 years

Net-new revenue stream


“Datrium is disruptive in the market with its performance, and with the deduplication and compression that gives us incredible capacity for the price. It’s a better solution for us and our customers.”

– Efrem Gonzales, President and CEO

Company Challenge

Juggling Tradeoffs in Performance, Capacity and Cost

As an IT consultancy, Tec-Refresh works hard to keep costs manageable for its clients, many of which are public entities dependent on tax dollars. Yet the pace of growth has too often demanded incremental infrastructure investments forcing difficult budget decisions. “It’s becoming harder and harder for me as a solution provider to go to the customer and explain to them that every upgrade for capacity and performance is a six-figure solution,” says Efrem Gonzales, President and CEO of Tec-Refresh.

To find the most cost-effective balance of capacity, performance and cost for clients, Tec-Refresh looked at most of the storage solutions on the market. Most were either too expensive, not powerful enough, or both. With the company’s most recent array-based solution suffering from poor throughput and no deduplication or compression, Tec-Refresh had begun looking for an alternative.

When approached by one of the firm’s top clients, a large southern California county agency, finding a new storage solution became imperative. The agency had recently suffered an unrecoverable failure in its storage and backup infrastructure, in which it had invested millions.


Disruptive Performance and Economics

While the county agency evaluated Nimble Storage, Tec-Refresh meanwhile considered the Datrium DVX Open Convergence platform. “After we looked closely at Datrium, it was a no-brainer,” Gonzales says. “We decided to replace legacy storage with Datrium and backup with Rubrik, two innovative solutions that gave us increased capacity, better performance and reduced the skillset required to manage the infrastructure.”

“Datrium is disruptive in the market with its performance and economics. The built-in deduplication and compression gives us incredible capacity for the price,” Gonzales adds. “It’s a better solution for us and our customers.”

Given those factors, Tec-Refresh chose to deploy Datrium as the lead storage solution in its own security operations center and network operations center, as well as recommend it to clients. Clients can flexibly choose to have their own dedicated Datrium system on-premise, or be hosted on a shared Datrium system at the Tec-Refresh data center.

‘Outrageous IOPS’

The agency deployed the Datrium DVX on site, backing it up to Rubrik and Azure. Already, it has seen a major boost in performance. “With the ability to go into Insane Mode with Datrium, we get outrageous IOPs – about twice the speed of the previous storage solution. It blew our client away,” Gonzales says. 

While the incumbent storage offered no dedupe and compression, Datrium excelled in data reduction, yielding 1.74X dedupe and 2.75X compression for a whopping 4.8X data reduction. And as Tec-Refresh’s law enforcement clients expand the use of body cameras, data reduction techniques are key to handling their rapidly expanding data footprint.


“I can finally tell clients what their costs will be over time. In the case of our county agency client, the use of Datrium nearly cut their costs in half over 3 to 5 years—including support.”

                             -Efrem Gonzales, President and CEO

‘Off the Charts’ Ease

From setup to day-to-day management, Datrium requires little hands-on maintenance. Tec-Refresh and its clients can manage storage, or create new VMs, right in vCenter. Plus, with no LUNs to create or storage artifacts to manage, time on storage-related tasks has dropped to zero.

“The learning curve is off the charts much better than it was with our previous storage, and the Datrium support team has been phenomenal,” Gonzales notes.


Service Provider Value: Growing the Top – and Bottom – Lines

Gonzales also credits Datrium for easing client conversations with a much more palatable and predictable cost of growth. “I can finally tell clients what their costs will be over time,” Gonzales says. “In the case of our county agency client, the use of Datrium nearly cut their costs in half over 3 to 5 years – including support.”

Such economics change the conversation for Tec-Refresh and contribute to the top line. “I see Datrium as a new revenue stream. We have a next-generation offering that is both affordable to our clients and gives them better performance, something there’s no way we could do with a Nutanix system or storage array.”


About Tec-Refresh

Tec-Refresh provides solutions that reduce the complexity of the IT infrastructure by providing expertise in cyber security, data center solutions, storage, and project management. Serving the North American region, Tec-Refresh serves all industry verticals with particular expertise in state, local and educational institutions.