VMware VDI Horizon 7 Solution Brief



  • Leverage existing hosts and commodity server based flash and reduce cost per VDI user
  • Scalable performance with host based resources, locality and isolation
  • VM-centric focus and no storage artifacts to manage – Simplified administration
  • Do more with less with resource optimizations through data reduction and VAAI integration
  • Reduce IO latencies and improve end-user experience with Open Converged platform



Managing a robust and growing virtual desktop infrastructure should not be as difficult as it seems to be in current IT environments. Yes, getting the right combination of computing resources – servers, storage, software – that perform well enough for today’s demanding users while still being affordable and manageable might seem overwhelming. At Datrium we believe there is a new solution in the market that will address these areas. An open converged solution with the right set of integrated and tested components that performs well, is easily managed and is cost-effective — up front and as you grow — is at the heart of the Datrium’s DVX Open Convergence platform.



The key components of a combined Datrium DVX Open Convergence platform and VMware Horizon solution can be seen in figure 1. A single DVX Persistent Data server connected over a 10G data network to ESX hosts running a variety of pools supporting hundreds of virtual desktops.


Figure 1



Elastic Performance for Desktop VMs

With Datrium’s DVX Open Convergence platform, you can leverage your hypervisor resources like available CPU and local flash devices to increase primary storage performance for the desktop VMs on those hosts. I/O speed resources are server-based. For VDI, this means that the Datrium DVX gets faster as you add servers. The Datrium architecture provides ultimate flexibility for flash placement closer to the desktop and applications and performance improvements where needed. Datrium’s DVX Open Convergence platform simplifies virtual desktop deployments and troubleshooting, handles boot and login storms as it scales from a few hundred desktops to thousands, all while maintaining compelling economics.


VM-centric management

The Datrium DVX solution is simple to deploy and even simpler to manage. Typical storage management tasks of dealing with LUNs, RAID,

Figure 2

or pools are a thing of the past. With Datrium, all administration is VM-centric and end-to-end. A single DVX Data Server is the right place to
put all of the VDI components from desktop templates, images and user data to the operational components that drive the infrastructure. You can also take advantage of integration with VMware and storage offload with VAAI (VCAI) and implicitly improve cloning operations
throughout the environment. Combining the Datrium DVX Open Convergence platform with your VMware software and host compute and flash resources, your IT team can shift the focus to the VM level for managing applications and the infrastructure on which they run. Your VM administrator can now easily support storage tasks within the hypervisor, delivering simplicity while focusing on the desktop application. This simple choice is shown in Figure 2.


Built-in capacity efficiency – improved economics

With Datrium’s solution, capacity is leveraged through always-on compression and deduplication for both server-flash and DVX Data Server. VDI deployments with Datrium DVX can experience space reduction ratios of up to 6:1. The DVX solution supports both blade and rack servers, and can be leveraged with new or already installed (brownfield) servers. Datrium DVX Open Convergence platform can easily deploy hundreds to thousands of virtual desktops with applications included by leveraging zero-copy clone offload, compression, and deduplication for storage efficiency.


High availability and predictability

A Datrium DVX solution means there is no single point of failure for VDI. Each host server will keep the same deduplicated and compressed data in its host cache. If the primary host fails, the secondary host will pick up immediately and its flash will be completely up to date without requiring network data access or upload. Leverage your under-utilized server infrastructure for compute and bring your own commodity flash. Get predictable performance with real-time VM analytics.



With Datrium DVX along with VMware Horizon, your IT team can rest assured that end-users will have access to their desktops and the applications and data they need to ensure business is not interrupted. This new solution delivers the right mix of performance,  manageability, scalability, and protection to meet the demanding needs of today’s modern data centers – simply.


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