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Virtualization Replication with Datrium DVX and Zerto Virtual Replication for VMware vSphere

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The Challenge

Managing a robust and growing virtual environment across multiple sites is challenging. IT managers must not only ensure the day to day operations within production, but ensure disaster recovery will execute correctly and efficiently during an outage. Adding another layer of complexity in the discussion is cost.

Today’s IT team is being tasked with managing more applications and more users usually in business environments that operate around the clock. Datrium’s DVX Server Powered Storage System combined with Zerto Virtual Replication provide the scalability growing VMware vSphere environments require while simplifying complex IT operations like disaster recovery and at the same time reducing costs.


The Solution

  • Server powered storage – world class performance
    With Datrium DVX, hypervisor performance is enhanced through leverage of abundant and affordable local flash. Durable data for primary and remote copies of business data is provided centrally through the Datrium NetShelf capabilities. The Datrium architecture provides ultimate flexibility for flash placement for applications and performance improvements where needed. Capacity is leveraged through data reduction with compression and deduplication.
  • Ensure IT Availability
    Efficient replication across sites is accomplished with the leading industry solution – Zerto Virtual Replication. Installation is complete in minutes with no application, storage or network reconfiguration. Zerto Virtual Replication takes complex BC/DR processes which take days or hours and simplifies them to execute with a few clicks in minutes. Data loss is measured in seconds and applications are available and usable for end-users in a matter of minutes.
  • Improved SLAs
    With Datrium DVX you get a primary storage architecture to support demanding local virtualization workloads. Zerto’s continuous block-level replication, which never utilizes a snapshot, delivers recovery point objectives (RPO) of seconds. Fully automated and orchestrated recovery processes with Zerto deliver recovery time objectives (RTO) measured in minutes. With no impact to applications and storage, end users see faster applications and better availability.
  • VM centric management – simple and familiar to thevirtualization team
    With these combined solutions, your IT team is focused on managing applications and the infrastructure they run on at the VM level. Your VM administrator can now easily support storage and data replication tasks in the same context. Day to day operations are supported through the vSphere Web Client.



The key components of a combined Datrium and Zerto Solution are shown in the diagram below.

By deploying a Datrium and Zerto combined solution at each site, you have the performance and protection needed in each part of the distributed data center.

Solution Brief - Zerto Diagram


With Datrium DVX along with Zerto Virtual Replication, IT can rest assured that end-users will have access to the applications and data they need to ensure revenue generating activities are not interrupted. This robust solution delivers the right mix of performance, manageability, scalability, and protection to meet the demanding needs of today’s modern data centers – simply.



About Zerto

Zerto is committed to keeping enterprise and cloud IT running 24/7 by providing innovative, simple, reliable and scalable business continuity software solutions. Through the Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform, organizations can seamlessly protect and move virtualized workloads between public, private and hybrid clouds.

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