Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solution

Failproof on-demand DR plus high performance and availability at scale

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Datrium Has the Best Solution for VDI

“The number one reason we brought in Datrium was to optimize the performance and reduce the complexity of our VDI environment. DVX allowed us to write and stream video twice as fast as our previous solution, giving end users a much better video experience.”

– Jason Richmond, Technology Director, City of Central Point

Industry-Leading DR, Built-in Backup, Performance, and High Availability

Failproof One-Click Disaster Recovery

Whether you use a secondary site or the cloud as your DR site, Datrium delivers failproof DR for VDI with one-click failover and failback. With instant RTO, your desktops restart quickly, so the business impact is minimal. Costs are 10x lower with on-demand DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS and failback, which only sends changed data after global deduplication.

Highly Available and Protected

When VDI is deployed on DVX stateless hosts, virtual desktop data is quickly uploaded directly from the resilient data pool as a host fails – avoiding complex sluggish HCI network architectures. DVX has built-in backup that ensures you get an instant restart of your data from millions of point-in-time consistent backups – minutes to months old – after ransomware attacks or natural disasters.

High Performance at Scale

Datrium DVX delivers high IOPs and low latency by maintaining data in local flash storage on the virtualization host running virtual desktops. Performance scales as you add more hosts (up to 128), and desktops are isolated from noisy neighbors. Capacity can be scaled independently, so you can tune your VDI to your specific needs as you grow. These benefits deliver industry-leading performance for VDI environments, including Epic Hyperspace.

Encryption Without Compromises

Automatrix Blanket Encryption protects your data in host memory, across the network, and at rest in the data node or the cloud without the tradeoffs of other solutions. Even the backup data managed by DVX is encrypted. Customers get high performance and data reduction with encryption enabled because DVX encrypts inline after data reduction, leveraging CPU instructions on the host.

Virtualize for Easier Management

Streamline VDI management and stop spending time rebalancing desktops across nodes to optimize performance or availability. Instantly clone and replicate golden images with their vSphere Snapshots in multi-site environments using Automatrix Elastic Replication, vastly reducing inconsistent desktops images across Pools. Workloads are isolated on their host, and real-time VM analytics make it easy to monitor SLAs while investing minimum IT administration time.

Optimize Your Investment

DVX always-on data efficiency compresses and deduplicates your data before it’s saved to host flash, so you can reduce costs and keep your persistent desktops readily available without protection overhead. Unlike HCI solutions, you can use your existing blade servers and GPUs to improve host price/performance. Built-in backup gives administrators fast access to recover, clone, and manage copies without the extra cost of a separate system.

VDI Running on DVX

Infrastructure Hosts

Manage a single cluster with up to 128 hosts and petabytes of capacity as a single domain spanning multiple thousands of desktops and multiple VMware vSphere clusters.

Desktop Cluster

Store and process desktop data locally on the host with ultra-low latency and high IOPs using a mix of hosts with GPUs and SSDs from your inventory of new or existing rack or blade servers.

Persistent Data

All persistent desktops and desktop data is protected using efficient erasure coding and stored in a resilient data pool with RF3/FTT=2. Your data is verified multiple times per day, can be encrypted end-to-end, and backups are immutable.

Multi-Site Protection

VDI administrators can fail over and fail back VMware Horizon servers and virtual desktops to VMware Cloud on AWS on-demand with instant RTO and only pay for the cloud resources when they need it.

Data Mobility

Automatrix Elastic Replication makes your desktop data mobile across sites for simple efficient replication of golden master images and VMware App Volumes AppStacks or Writable Volumes.


The foundation for world-class Microsoft SQL Server performance, availability, and security.


Failproof DR with instant RTO and one-click failover and failback between data centers.


On-demand DR with VMware Cloud on AWS delivers 10x lower costs.

See How We Do It

We can help your organization get modern DR in an easy-to-use SaaS solution that eliminates the cost and complexity of traditional DR solutions. We provide cloud-native, on-demand DR with instant RTO for all your VMware workloads. You can be confident that your data is secure in the cloud or on premises and protected against ransomware attacks.