Webinars > Datrium Automatrix Deep Dive: Unify Data Silos & Transform IT

Datrium Automatrix Deep Dive: Unify Data Silos & Transform IT

June 26, 2019

Presenter: Brian Biles, CPO & Co-Founder and Mike McLaughlin, Director of Technical Marketing and Solutions at Datrium

Length: 58:13

To manage data throughout its lifecycle, IT has to deal with five data services today: primary storage, backup, DR, encryption, and mobility. When these functions live in separate products, it slows everything down and adds operating friction, presenting core problems that inhibit IT transformation and ultimately digital transformation.

Join Datrium product experts for a 1-hour presentation on the Automatrix Platform, which incorporates the five data services of computing workloads in a single unified data platform across clouds to deliver the following key benefits:

  • Consistent experience for on-premises and cloud environments: by unifying and automating data services with a multicloud platform, enterprises have a much simpler and more efficient infrastructure to operate, and much more fluid workload portability across clouds with a consistent experience.
  • Cost-efficient multicloud workload portability: autonomous data services that are intelligent and always-on (self-optimization, self-protection, continuous data verification, continuous compliance checks, end-to-end encryption, and more) minimize switching costs when moving workloads across clouds.
  • Liberation from overhead operating tasks: the Automatrix cloud-first design enables the next level of consolidation of workloads and automation of day-to-day operating tasks by using SaaS and software-defined convergence infrastructure to simplify operations.