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ActualTech Media: Healthcare IT EcoCast

July 31, 2019

Presenter: Andre Leibovici

Length: 25:26

You have unique technology needs in the healthcare field that many other companies may not have – whether you’re in a technology role in a hospital or clinic, working in a company producing the latest breakthrough treatment, or in an organization helping patients on the financial side of their healthcare. Learn how some leading-edge healthcare organizations are making this happen.

ActualTech Media is partnering with leading enterprise IT vendors to present a special EcoCast focused exclusively on Healthcare IT. Data center technology providers, including Datrium, Unitrends, Nutanix, and Pivot3, present healthcare-focused solutions for technologists in any area of healthcare, medical, and life sciences.

You’ll learn how these solutions can help your organization improve critical metrics, including financial, saving lives, or improving healthcare.