Why Datrium


Revenue Gain Speed Increased


Administration Time Reduced


Infrastructure Cost Reduced

Infrastructure complexity is at the heart of most data center challenges. While the pace of modern business is accelerating, the weight of aging infrastructure can hold companies back and cost organizations first-mover advantage, market share and even financial viability.

1. Complexity Affects Competitiveness

Poor service levels

Poor service levels and brittle infrastructure impact customer satisfaction and revenue.

Administration time

Tedious performance and space management can slow projects, delay strategic initiatives.

Tight budgets

Tight IT budgets cannot cover multiple silos and proprietary premiums.

2. The Race to Simplify Becomes a Race to Converge

Converged Infrastructure falls short

Array controller bottlenecks limit flash benefits and LUN-based administration is at odds with application-centric management.

Hyperconverged is overconverged

IT directors lack confidence in traditional HCI to deliver multi-petabyte capacity for tier 1 mixed workloads that require low latency.

New Breed of Convergence

Beyond HCI for
Large-scale Consolidation

Including petabyte-scale, low-latency performance and resilience for mission-critical mixed workloads.

5X Faster

  • 5X faster transactions, reporting
  • 10X better application uptime
  • Faster Mean-Time-To-Repair
  • Instant Application Recovery

95% Less

  • Zero storage management
  • Zero HCI cluster configuration
  • Zero backup systems to manage
  • 10X fewer clusters to manage

Lower TCO

  • Leverage existing servers
  • Up to 85% less capacity
  • Lower scaling and network costs
  • Zero backup equipment costs

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