Announcing Disaster Recovery as a Service: Cloud DR Finally Done Right

Announcing Disaster Recovery as a Service: Cloud DR Finally Done Right

Why Datrium

The Automatrix platform provides IT with disaster recovery and DHCI done right. Now teams can optimize investments, ensure data is secure, and transform operational agility.


Agile IT

Datrium converges the 5 critical functions of data: primary storage, backup, DR, mobility, and encryption into a single powerful platform that provides a consistent data plane, which runs seamlessly on premises and in the cloud.

8x faster IT provisioning

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Automatrix runs itself

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Nothing to manage

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How We Do Agile Better

VM-centric: every time, every place

All operations at the VM granularity: snapshots, backups, clones, replication, recovery, orchestration

Data services: always on, no knobs

Zero IT admin time for compression, deduplication, encryption, erasure coding, and WAN optimization

Recover and clone instantly

Instant provisioning from zero-copy clones and snapshots across hosts, sites, and public cloud

DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS

On-demand, failproof Cloud DR solution with instant RTO restart


Safe and Secure

Datrium customers exceed SLAs and regulatory compliance with faster recovery from cybercrime.

Exceed HIPAA compliance

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Improve security for GDPR

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FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validation

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How We Deliver Safe and Secure IT Better

Blanket Encryption from start to finish

FIPS140-2 level validation with encryption in host cache, on the network, and at rest

Verify all data and backups daily

Perform multiple daily data validation processes to ensure data integrity of all data and backups

Check your DR plan daily

Proactive DR plan integrity checks completed twice per hour with reporting on violations

Recover from ransomware instantly

Search immutable backups globally across prem and cloud with hydration-free instant recovery


Optimize IT

Datrium customers have the lowest TCO and fastest ROI payback in the industry.

60% Lower TCO

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5-Month ROI Payback

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40% Lower Costs

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How We Optimize Your IT Investment Better

Industry-leading price/performance

Bring data as close to the hypervisor/application as possible in host flash on industry-standard servers

Use your existing servers

100% software-defined solution that is compatible with any server and network from leading vendors

Backup included for free

Unified system with primary storage, backup, and disaster recovery to avoid the cost of separate systems

10x more cost-efficient DR

Fail over to on-demand VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC and store native, incremental backups in S3

Why Lead Bank Chose Datrium

Instant responses to queries

Recover in minutes

Automate disaster recovery

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Why Next Generation Films Chose Datrium

40x faster RTO

99% RPO improvement

$1M risk eliminated

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Why VPay Chose Datrium

2 data centers for the price of 1

10x the throughput

Zero storage management time

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TCO Calculator

How Much Can You Save with Datrium?