Why Datrium

With the Datrium Automatrix Platform, enterprise IT can optimize their investment, ensure their data is secure, and transform their operational agility


Agile IT

Datrium autonomous data services converge 5+ data silos to speed IT delivery.

“8x faster IT provisioning…”

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“Datrium runs itself.”

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“There’s nothing to manage.”

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Why Lead Bank Chose Datrium

  • Instant responses to queries
  • Recover in minutes
  • Automate disaster recovery

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Safe and Secure IT

Datrium customers exceed SLAs and regulatory compliance with faster recovery from cybercrime.

Exceed HIPAA compliance

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Improved security for GDPR

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FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validation

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Why Next Generation Films chose Datrium

  • 40X faster RTO
  • 99% RPO improvement
  • Eliminate $1M risk

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Optimize IT

Datrium customers have the lowest TCO and fastest ROI payback in the industry.

60% Lower TCO

5 Month ROI Payback

40% Lower Costs

Why VPay chose Datrium

  • 2 data centers for the price of 1
  • 10X the throughput
  • Zero storage management time

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Let us show you how we do it.

With Datrium solutions, your enterprise can transition into the digital on-demand economy by providing instant outcomes to your consumers. Datrium’s Automatrix autonomous data services will put you on the right path, with a data platform that will delight your users.